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Welcome to the JB-Log

(or jblog?)

The JB-Log is a web-portfolio I have established to log my interests and projects I have been affiliated with over the years. It is a product of my own creation and will be a central hub to anything I feel is worth bragging about. Being a creative dude of sorts, I have invested a lot of time as well as money into these projects (and a few A-Grade energy beverages). Making everything from sketch comedy shorts, music projects, to video games. I take pride in my work, the long time friends that I collaborate with bring special chemistry to these ventures to give them the identities that have always seemed timeless to myself.

As a self proclaimed master in the art of the over inflated egos, I have harnessed my skills and found ways of bringing what I do to the surface in a streamlined/modified html5 template masterpiece. You will enjoy all walks of life here: Jamestria, Fun For Amy, Soul Radio, the weird guy formerly-currently known as Chip McGee, ME SINGING KARAOKE!!!! IT'S ALL HERE!!!!

Hopefully you will enjoy indulging in everything that is related to me as I do. If not, you can always go visit another high profile blog-site and then use my fancy contact button to tell me that their website is way cooler than mine. I'm sure my feelings will be hurt, so I encourage refraining from that since I am a tad bit sensitive lately. I don't value your input. I'm paying for this...Hah! Just kidding, I don't have a contact button. I may or may not have a facebook again at some point. You will just have to suffer through my endless blogs and selfies on your own terms buddy!

Enjoy me from a distance, as always!

-James Brandon

-Chip McGee


-Inferno Karaoke Celebrity

-Jim Kerr

-Zardu Hasselfrau

-Iron Man (the dorky version)