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Fun For Amy - studio sessions update

James Brandon
August 2017
Sep 2, 2017

Our first studio project is currently under development at Empire Sound in Dallas. We started the original recording sessions back around Christmas of last year and we have been working steadily to make sure that we are presenting the best product we have to offer. I will be going back in to do some touch up on my vocals. In the near future (before Thanksgiving potentially), we will have something tangible to present. Regardless of minor set backs, I'm happy with how things are proceeding, It was indeed the first real studio experience that myself and James has ever had. Everyone put forth 110% to make this happen regardless of the delays. Michael McCullough joins us to bring a broader perspective to our current formula and Kara Pockrus lends her beautiful voice for additional harmonies. The song is produced by the exceptionally talented Caleb Lathrop whom has been extremely patient with us. As well, encouraged us to deliver our best performance possible as a fresh unit. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. We will be filming a music video to promote the single. I will post quite frequently on social media platforms (and here of course), so stay tuned!

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