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Letting go of your dreams...

James Brandon
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Feb 28, 2018

For years, I have always been a guy who stuck by my own personal ambition and desires. I always did things my way, even if I have never been able to fully realize such grand ambitions yet. Regardless, it has been a wonderful experience to me. As for today, I have a story I wish to share that may make some of you a little teary eyed. So grab your tissue, because it will!

My car that has stood by me for the last five years. As of late, has been hopping on its last leg. I haven't been able to take it for inspection due to the catalytic converter being a little pricey in labor costs to replace for now. I have been in three major accidents since I purchased the vehicle in 2011 (none of which were my fault strangely. Also took a selfie at one of the scenes...).  In recent months, I was sent a notice that there has been a recall on this vehicle. I always meant to take it back up to the shop to have it fixed, but other priorities like...karaoke/concerts/getting slapped in the face by beautiful women, etc...always managed to be my primary obligation at the end of the day. Regardless, I always had an excuse or shall I say...the need to avoid real responsibility (You could blame it on my alter-ego astrology sign the Ophiuchus which maybe a focus point for another blog....)

Anyways! Going back to the car, the reason for the recall was the fact the airbags were faulty upon design. Apparently I was fortunate in the eyes of many due to the fact they never released while I was in those accidents. However, the reason why they were faulty was the fact that once they did deploy, there was a highly likely chance of metal shards releasing from the airbag that could potentially kill the driver.

We all know one of my many alter-egos (I really don't know what or who the hell I am anymore) is in fact, Tony Stark. Everything about the guy spoke to me once I saw the movie on screen for the first time. It said ME! ME! ME!!!! Recently, a girl who slapped me in the face said I looked just like him with my "Stark Stoic Selfies". I know that's not really that important to brag about (or not even sure why/if I'm bragging about it). I just wanted to mention that the likeness was extremely similar on my official page, just like I do on my facebook every 2 - 4 hours to every quiz that asks me "which marvel character are you depending on your favorite toilet paper brands..."

So anyways, the point I'm trying to convey here is that I literally could have had METAL SHRAPNEL LAND IN MY CHEST, WHILE GOING THROUGH A MID-LIFE CRISIS ON MY WAY TO MY LATE 30's - EARLY 40's!!! I mean seriously though...who gets that opportunity to come often??? I would be a hit at all them "Comic Con's" if I had survived such a horrific event!!! Plus the state trooper who saw my inspection sticker probably would not have given me a citation if I told him "I was avoiding inspection to hopefully one day become Iron Man."

So yeah, sometimes you just have to give up the dream ya know?

*NOTE: This article was designed with the intention of being comedic. Any attempt to troll or slander that fact will make others be aware that you maybe compensating for your not so prideful manhood. We know I'm not going to drop the Stark handle anytime soon. That gives my not so prideful manhood a boost, ya dig?

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