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Star A.D. returns

James Brandon
Quite optional
Sep 16, 2017

Well people, here I go again. After the often quoted "embarrassment" of a franchise I have decided to revisit the world of Star in the Alternate Dimension with a continuation/reboot of the franchise. If you are not familiar with the series please take a visit to my portfolio page and take a look at it as a frame of reference. The show is always meant to be a "film first and answer questions later" experiment that I fabricated that was originally supposed to take place after the events of Head in Toilet (the first one). Episode six will take place in the same realm as the first five episodes as it will hopefully explain what's going on with this strange world. Thankfully, most of the key players are returning to indulge once more and are ready to lay down some strange entertainment.

Marshall thinks Chip is holding out on something from him in Episode 1.

Another awesome addition I want to brag about while I am on this subject. The original series was directed with a Sony Xperia camera that was considered top of the line back in the day. However, with a lot of post production limitations I had back in those days, it really can be a bit rough on the eyes and ears and better suited for mobile devices. The new series will be filmed with upgraded equipment designed to make amateur productions like mine a bit more enjoyable to look at and listen to.  This time it will look like I know what I'm doing somewhat! WOOOOO!!

Tony falls out of the portal in Episode 4
No one can really explain this awkward situation in Episode 5

Yes I am aware how bad the show is. I humor myself a lot. If curiosity strikes you however, feel free to check it out on my projects page.

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