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Fun For Amy


Fun for Amy is Rock/Blues outfit from Garland, Texas formed by James Huff. The project started back in 2004 as a comedy act with a few self produced home demo's. "Demo Time for Dorks" was an amusing and chaotic muddled affair. It contained a nightmarish cover of Rolling Stones - "Sympathy for the Devil", but also it spawned a unique original track that shifted the blue print for the band itself. "My Favorite Addiction" saw the band getting some momentum for a short while. However, the project disbanded in 2007 as James Huff and Chip McGee(James Brandon) pursued other interests.

2013 - 2016

The duo reformed back in 2013 to find themselves with a more mature perspective. "Cheating Hearts and Broken Dreams" was another self produced home recording. The 10 track album consisted of songs written and composed by James Huff as well a few by Chip. Comedian Seth Brock directed the video for "Withered Satin" which was written by Chip McGee (James Brandon) and is actually a cover of his first single of his personal project Jamestria. Since, the band has been producing other in house recordings that have the same catchy Rock/Blues formula they established in 2013.


The band has recently ventured into a more professional  avenue by recording their new single at Empire Sound in Dallas, Texas. The song is currently in development and should release by the end quarter of 2017.


James Brandon - Vocals/Writer

James Huff - Guitar/Vocals/Writer

Sydney - Guitar (Rainy Tuesday, Useless Rebel)

Joseph Chapman - Strings (Just Don't Think I Can)

Michael McCullough (Revised Demo/Where did the feeling go 2017)

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