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Years ago, a video game was released known as MTV music generator for the Playstation 1 console. It was my first experience with music production as I wanted to attempt to create a style that summed up a lot of my influences from when I was younger. Nine Inch Nails, Prince, INXS and even CC & the Music Factory had a strong connection with what was produced. It wasn't until about 2005 - 2006 (way beyond shelf life for playstation one games) was when I decided to make a conceptual piece that reflected a lot of my emotional rage around that era. "Withered Satin" was a track fabricated from the conflicted emotions I had experienced. It was the flagship song that set a formula and style that can be easily identified in more recent tracks. As time went on, I discovered the wonders of A website that is devoted to individuals uploading samples of songs and allowing others to use freely to incorporate in their works. 


I hope to provide an avenue of credit on this site to the individuals who originally made the samples as I'm a strong advocate for musicians who bust their ass doing the work to begin with. It's only fair and I will admit I was not very thoughtful when I made a lot of these tracks. I'm hoping you guys will forgive my initial disrespectful approach to music creation whomever you are and possibly can remedy that problem in the near future.

As I said plenty of times prior, Jamestria is considered to be a hobby experiment for me.

I do NOT wish to pursue a commercial avenue with any of these songs. They are strictly up here for personal enjoyment and for parties interested to have an understanding this is a major part of my creative catalog that I like to reflect upon at times.

All of the demos vary in terms of audio production. This may or may not sound all that great on your devices. However, if you are interested in listening please do so, and thank you in advance.

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