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Soul Radio Productions


Soul Radio is a  collection of sketches I used to be the brainchild behind. It was created by myself and Jimmy Dickson as little cassette radio dj recordings gone bad. Once a week after school, I would invite my friends over for a few hours and we would record audio/video sketches that we apparently still retain the desire to do to this day. Even to this day, all of our friends still come back to this world with something new to bring to the table and make our hardships of daily life go away for just a brief moment of time. I always look forward to the collaborations since there is always something timeless with these recordings. It's always a pleasure working with all my friends. Indulging in not so respectable juvenile behavior really helps the spirit.


Chip McGee

Jimmy Dickson

James Huff

Marshall Harden

Tony Wittenback

Joseph Chapman


*Head in Toilet 1 & 2 and Star A.D. are considered Soul Radio Productions and will be continued in the near future.

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